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The Insurance Technology Specialist

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Your challenges around

Cost Reduction & Increased Productivity

- Centralization of all payments

        Including shared service centers for multiple entities
- Harmonization of processes and systems
- Payment allocation based on business rules, currency conversion
- Payment lifecycle automation: mandate management, reminder processing
- Invoices/bills reconciliation

Your challenges around

Risk Management & Transparency

- Harmonization around SEPA and evolution towards PSD 2
- Real-time visibility over cash, on payment status and on rejections
- Aggregated view on all company payments, in multiple currencies
- Instant accounting for both general ledger & analytical accounting
- Reduction of operational risk
- Comprehensive auditing, reporting and alerting

Meet your challenges with Conso

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Our drivers when building Conso were ...

Payment Factory Drivers

- Increased visibility over cash
- Aggregated view of all payments

- Facilitate better liquidity management

- Real-time business dashboard
- Better control on cash management processes
- Full management of subsidiary payments

- Centralized processing enhancing efficiency

- Automated matching of payments

- Rule-based invoice allocation for payments

Operational Excellence Drivers

- Exception based processing
- Alerting system 

- Scoring based on customer behavior analysis

- Based on widely adopted Industry standards

- Real-time reporting (detailed, consolidated, …)
- Embedded accounting & general ledger

- Full auditing

- Reduced operation risk (replaced fax usage, avoid multiple independent systems,…)

Digital Drivers

- Leveraging electronic Invoicing/billing
- Electronic direct debit mandates management

- Electronic signature

- support of ISO 20022 formats

- Digitalization of broker communications

- Multi-channel communication

- Fraud prevention using analytics

what benefits our clients see ...

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