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Some projects where One-D consultants gained tremendous experience.


And you can benefit from it!

Business Case for Digitalization

Recent decades have seen an incredible technological revolution with the global adoption of the internet as a business communication channel, the mobile phone usage and the reliance on analytics for real-time dashboarding. Digitalisation is a must for insurers and One-D can help you build your business case by leveraging their experience gained in this domain.  

A notable project –amongst others- was to build a theoretical “target” digital operating model. The business case was built based on the estimation of the cost and the benefit of migrating from the “as is” situation. The focus was on the technology, the processes and the organisation; the scope also covered direct debits (with the potential adoption of e-mandates), the suppliers and brokers (with e-Invoicing capability), the brokers (by using digital channels) and the client by proposing as many electronic formats as well as electronic signatures when legally permitted.

The consulting mission was not only successfully completed using One-D's acquired knowledge but also based on input from an extended partner network serving our clients and prospects.

If you want to start a digitalisation project, we can help you –contact us!

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Internal Development Optimization Analysis

As Insurance is complex and Insurers have several different business processes, firms often decide to build solutions themselves instead of buying commercial packages.

One-D proposes an optimization analysis of internal development. It consists of benchmarking the planned development against a similar project using the model oriented One-D Insurance Workbench which is composed of pre-built standardised components.

Experience has shown that an internal development team can gain 40% efficiency and cost reduction.

Definitively a better alternative to offshoring.

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